Bodyweight Training For Athletes

bodyweight training for athletes

Drive by any playing field or walk into any gym and you will see some form of bodyweight exercise being used by all types of athletes.

Bodyweight training is so versatile and effective it is naturally in every coaches tool box for improving athletic performance.

All sports, in one way or another, rely on the athletes ability to move their bodies with strength, power, coordination and agility so what better way to prepare the athlete for these movements than bodyweight calisthenics?

Bodyweight training for athletes is not just some carryover from times gone by it remains a part of successful athletic programs because it works.

Aspiring athlete or general fitness seeker you can’t go wrong with bodyweight calisthenics exercise. And with this step-by-step, comprehensive plan, you are guaranteed to perform, feel and look better.

Training using only the weight of the body can be used to evaluate the athlete and point out weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Many warm ups are done with different types of bodyweight exercises and calisthenics to prepare the athlete for the practice and more intense activity to come.

Physical conditioning using bodyweight exercise is essential for getting the athlete in physical and cardiorespiratory condition so the athlete can perform their best at their chosen sport.

The versatility of bodyweight exercise, and the fact you need no equipment, makes it perfect for the training of large groups of people either on the playing field or in the gym.

Unfortunately, many people who are not involved in athletic programs completely overlook the effectiveness of bodyweight training opting for gyms with tons of equipment or costly home exercise equipment.

However, I believe bodyweight training should not only be the starting point for athletes but general fitness seekers as well.

No other method of training has such a long history of success.

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