Guide To Calisthenics Exercise & Bodyweight Training

The website contains information on important things you need to know about bodyweight calisthenics exercises. We are here to help you learn build a strong, lean, functional and attractive body using only the gym you were born with.

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Benefits of Calisthenics Exercises

The benefits to using bodyweight calisthenics exercises when working out are plentiful.

First of all, calisthenics exercises require none or very little and relatively inexpensive equipment. Unlike weight training exercises for which you need special equipment for each exercise, bodyweight calisthenics exercise uses only the weight of your own body as resistance to develop the ability to squat, reach, twist, lunge, jump, land, push and get up and down. These are all the physical abilities you need to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence.

Additionally, using nothing more than bodyweight calisthenics exercise, you can simultaneously increase muscular endurance, improve cardiorespiratory endurance and burn fat without the unneeded high risk of injury.

Calisthenics exercise is fundamental in any fitness program designed to improve fitness, health and physique.

In fact, I believe bodyweight calisthenics exercise is so important they should be the starting point, and remain an integral part, of any physical fitness program.

Location Required

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You can do bodyweight exercises and calisthenics anywhere and anytime, they do not require expensive equipment or costly gym memberships, you can do them in short bursts and you can effectively train the entire body by using only a few movements.

This also means that since calisthenics exercises take little room to perform, they can be performed anywhere; be it at home, at the gym, wherever.

Common Techniques

You should master the control of your own body by optimizing the use of calisthenics exercises before you engage in other types of physical training.

Even when you graduate to using other effective physical training methods, bodyweight calisthenics exercise should remain a part of your balanced fitness plan!

If you are looking for a way to improve your fitness, health and physique, or feel something is missing from your current physical training program bodyweight training could be the answer you were looking for.

So, take a look around, access the knowledge and tools you’ll need and above all else, apply what you learn by taking action.

Ultimate Results

“A body built with bodyweight calisthenics training is lean, muscular and athletic, and able to do many things well under a wide variety of circumstances!”